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Little Moons

The Client

Founded by a Brother and Sister team Little Moons have adapted Japan’s most popular dessert for the UK. They’ve replaced the red bean centre with a creamy gelato ice cream that’s wrapped in a sweet, soft mochi dough.



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The Task

When we first started working with Little Moons, awareness of the product was fairly low with limited distribution. Our first task would be to educate consumers on what exactly mochi is. After a year we moved on to communicating the luxurious nature of Little Moons, focusing on flavour and ingredients. We’ve worked with Little Moons for over three years now across all of their marketing channels, helping them to grow their team and ensuring we’re quick to react to their needs as they do so.



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The Result

Working with their team, we designed the UK’s first Mochi Bar, allowing consumers to pick and mix their Mochi and, importantly, buy one or two balls at a lower cost (first time buyers). This was in direct response to the need to get new customers to try the product at a lower cost. The bar was rolled out in all UK Whole Foods stores propelling them to being the number 1 ice cream in those stores. The success of this project lead to a listing in 200 stores in Central Paris.

Little Moons have sinced gained distribution in Waitrose and have pop-ups in Selfridges and Westfield. Alongside our strategic work for them we create striking social content with the Mochi Balls front and centre, highlighting their eating occasions, ingredients and opulence. They now have over twenty thousand highly engaged followers and are tagged in hundreds of photos each month. We also design all Little Moons assets from bowls to bars, bags and bikes.

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