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C Brew

The Client

The Clerkenwell Brothers a disruptive creative agency working across research, production, design and digital marketing. Yep, that’s us. The agency started with brothers going door to door in Clerkenwell offering advertising help to local businesses. Things got serious, we won an international campaign (gulp) and brought in a third co-founder. The business was born and since then we’ve gone on to work with some of Britain’s most exciting brands.



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The Tast

We don’t just talk about doing things differently we also, well, do things differently. That applies to the way in which we reach out to businesses too. Yes we could send them emails, call their switchboard or drop leaflets from a light aircraft but that wouldn’t do. The task here was to create some eye-catching to introduce ourselves to a host of cool, crafty beer companies. We wanted to show them that we had the skills and, importantly, the drive to go the extra mile. Whatever we made would need to rely on the skills of our in-house team and differentiate us from other agencies out there.



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The Result

Introducing CBREW, a beer brewed and designed by the brothers and sisters of the agency; in one of the many dark catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Clerkenwell. Our choice of Citra and Cascade hops deliver botanical aromas and flavours of tropical fruits, that we felt represented the number of colourful cultures that live in Clerkenwell; as well as a nod to the area’s historic associations with gin. Everything to do with this new bottled beer brand was created by the in-house team here at the Clerkenwell Brothers from the labels, to the flavours and photos. Trust us, it’s delicious. That said, if you don’t trust us on that get in touch and you can try some.



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