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The Client

Built-in wireless chargers and accessories from one of the UKs first Qi charging companies.

The Task

To create a series of videos that could be used to demonstrate the ease of the product to both potential consumers and business customers. The videos would be used internationally so couldn’t rely on the use of english language. 

The Result

The ‘too simple for some’ campaign. Based around a series of short high-impact videos that took a humourous look at just how easy it was to use Aircharge (and how you could make it harder). The production took place over several days, with a team that including not one, but two, actor monkeys. Aircharge were incredibly pleased with the results and have since signed contracts with Costa, Eurostar and McDonalds.

To read more about our production work across video and photography click here or get in touch. We work with brands on both one-off projects and monthly content shoots. These photos and videos tend to either sit online as social media content and pre-roll videos, or offline as print advertising assets.