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The Client

A new wine brand landing into 200 stores around the UK with rose and white wine SKUs. Their high-quality French wine is vegan and kept in 100% recyclable cans. Launching straight into Sainsbury’s ahead of Summer, Founders, Jeremy and Lucy, were keen to ensure they hit the ground running and with photography being such a major part of their brand, they approached us ahead of the launch in April 2019.



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The Task

To help produce a truly original instagram feed. Focused predominantly on the female market, they wanted a feed that reflected the brand values and lifestyle of their consumers. It was key for them that the content we created wasn’t too heavily product focused and that every image felt unmistakably ‘Nice’. 



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The Result

A standout social feed that combines UGC, original imagery and memes created in-house to be both consistent and bold. With monthly shoots taking place around London, our editors worked on a specific filter and grain to give our photography a clear visual identity. Imagery is also combined with graphic design to add illustrated brand elements onto the feed. We have created several animations to announce news and artworked a fifty page brand bible that outlined every element of how Nice speaks, looks and behaves. 

To read more about our production work across video and photography have a read here or get in touch. We work with brands on both one-off projects and monthly content shoots. These photos and videos tend to either sit online as social media content and pre-roll videos, or offline as print advertising assets.



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