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The Client

Egg and dairy free cake in large and small formats. Oggs began their life with a huge launch into Sainsbury’s and Waitrose across the UK. This was a reflection of the strength of this unique product. By stabilising aquafaba (derived from chickpea water) the team were able to produce a great tasting supermarket cake that was also vegan.



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The Task

To research the market in order to discover trends and insights that could be used to create a messaging framework. Following this we were tasked with the strategy and execution of the launch, this would give way to a rolling campaign across social media, digital and awareness channels. 



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The Result

We began by creating a survey with 27 multiple choice questions, and 6 open-ended questions. This survey was pushed out through digital ads on Instagram Stories and Feed as well as Facebook to reach relevant audiences. The targeted audiences were Vegans, Vegetarians, Meat-eaters, Parents and Cake lovers. We received 1,120 respondents with an extremely low cost of 11p per click. 

The research gave us the key insight that egg and dairy cake would be perceived as less tasty, especially by non-vegans. This drove the thinking behind the campaign ‘Bakes Beyond Belief’ with a messaging framework that sought to overcome several of the purchasing barriers we identified.  

The Bakes Beyond Belief campaign was executed with a visual identity that combined the traditional heritage of cake with a modern twist. Our production team created a series of unique images whilst we designed all the sampling, trade and retail assets for Oggs. We continue to work with them as they roll out across the UK, running their social channels and executing on all digital marketing. 

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