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spare snacks

The Client

Spare’s founder Ben approached The Clerkenwell Brothers to take Spare from a niche start-up to a consumer facing brand ready for the mass market. Working across 6 different flavours, 3 pure ranges and 3 flavoured ranges, we were challenged to create a brand identity that reflected the nature of the product, it’s better for you health credentials and the fact that Spare uses surplus fruit and veg to make it’s deliciously crunchy snacks. 



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The Task

By using our digital and research arms, we were able to quickly figure out what it is that made people buy Spare, and what they wanted to see on pack. This led to a new positioning for the brand, leading with health first and bringing its surplus narrative into the tone of voice and on pack copy.

Inspired by the bold flavour cues of the product, its texture, and Ben’s story, we honed in on the idea of leaving nothing to waste. This was all about making some #fieldgoodsnacks. The bespoke lettering and wonky typeface created for the packaging, along with the fruit pieces full of character, all started off with rough cut pieces of paper to give it a raw and wonky feel. The brand’s colour palette reflects the challenge of communicating the flavoured SKUs whilst nodding to the original range that they were born from. To reflect the slightly bonkers nature of the product (and Ben), the brand’s tone of voice became un-beet-ably pun filled, with the leading message of ‘Waste Not, Want Lots’.



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The Result

A vibrant new brand that catches the attention of consumers on shelf and within its wider brand world. Strong flavour and product cues, a new on pack hierarchy that highlights health more and a new fruitful tone of voice. Ben quickly gained distribution in CoOp with their buyer calling the packaging ‘best in class’.

Read more about our brand identity work here or research here. Alternatively drop us a line. Using our research and insights team we ensure the brand’s positioning and comms are grounded in data. Our award winning creative team then create standout brands that sit beautifully both online and offline.



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