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The Client

Spicebox's groovy founder Grace approached The Clerkenwell Brothers to revamp her identity as Spicebox geared for an expansion into both retail and restaurants. Grace challenged us to strike a balance between communicating the USPs of her flavoursome, colourful Indian food and the brand’s vegan credentials without being holier than thou. 



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The Task

With this new brand we wanted to channel the spirit of SpiceBox founder Grace and create an identity that shouts Veg with Edge and draws you in through its wacky and psychedelic brand world. This was all about moving the positioning from ‘hardcore’ vegan to having a more mainstream appeal. The main source of inspiration for Spicebox's typography came from the birth place of veganism, California. In particular, the psychedelic poster designs that were around during the 60s and 70s. This influence is seen in our combination of a plump, rounded, display font choice (Unpack Regular) and our bespoke lettering created for the logo. A bold colour palette was devised to evoke the vibrancy of the fresh ingredients used in the Indian-inspired dishes, bringing the weird and wonderful illustrative SpiceBox world to life.



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The Result

We've looked to create something bold and a little different with our SpiceWorld. Whether it's Bertha rocking an aubergine to sleep, or the grainy nature of the animations (inspired by the cult classic video series ‘Salad Fingers’), this brand screams Veg with Edge and is completely unapologetic about where it comes from and what it wants to be. The Spicebox brand was a winner at the 2018 London Design Awards.

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