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The Client

Backed by Dr. Marko Lens' 20 years of research in skin ageing, Zelens are one of Britain’s leading skin care brands combining active biotechnology ingredients with pure molecules derived from botanicals.



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The Task

To provide consumer insights on the skincare industry from key audiences highlighted by Zelens as well as generate consumer attitudes towards the brand. These learnings would then be used to lay the foundation to the brand, marketing and communication strategy for Zelens moving forward.



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The Result

We started by running digital ads on Instagram Stories to reach five carefully targeted audiences. The survey was also promoted through organic posting on the Zelens Instagram account and via email it consisted of a total of 33 multiple choice/ranking questions, and 10 open-ended questions.

In total we received 745 entrants based on a spend of £500. We had a cost per entry of 67p, far lower than the price offered by major research companies and targeted to exactly the consumers we wanted to speak to. The research pointed us to a science-lead approach which focused on the impact message ‘There’s a Science To It’.

We created a consistent messaging framework tailored to the five audiences we identified and are now using this framework to market Zelens through paid search and social advertising.

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