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The Client

The Clerkenwell Brothers began working with ITV’s ‘Peston’ as the programme transitioned from its Sunday morning slot to Wednesday nights at 10.45pm. Although the format of the programme was largely unchanged, the production team were keen to inject a new energy and approach that reflected the shift to a late-night time-slot. 

The Clerkenwell Brothers were retained with ‘Peston’ for social media with the challenge of creating a buzz around the launch of the new late-night format. Using social media the aim was to ensure the programme remained relevant and engaged with new and existing viewers.



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The Idea

Recognising a shift in the way people consume TV we proposed a global first. To stream Peston live on Twitter as it’s recorded, two hours ahead of its terrestrial broadcast. 

ITV were able to make this a key part of the programme press release and the live stream became a central pillar of the press reports ahead of the first episode. Meanwhile online, we were able to secure a bespoke emoji (designed by us) which would appear every time someone used the #Peston. Usually a huge commitment to digital spend is required to have this feature enabled. 

We also worked with the Peston production team to start creating content exclusively for the live video. Due to the more light-hearted format of the ad break content we were able to ask politicians more personal questions, let cultural guests roam the set freely and even get MPs playing political party games. 

This is all accompanied by a completely new content strategy, backed by an arresting, light-hearted tone of voice. The account regularly trends in the top 5 on Wednesday nights and was used as a case study by Twitter themselves at the Cannes MIP festival. 



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The Results

We are now in our third season of ‘Peston’ with The Clerkenwell Brothers retained for all social media accounts. The results can be broken down in line with the objectives. 

Brand awareness and engagement: Twitter report to us that since September 2018 (when our first episode aired) until June 2019 we had 2.2M+ global mentions of #Peston. In the same period the year before, we had 1.4M+ mentions.  After seven series of ‘Peston on Sunday’ the account was converted to ‘Peston’ with 30,000 followers retained. In just three series with the live video this number has increased to just over 50,000 people. 

Viewers: we were pleased to start with a baseline audience of around 20,000 viewers. Not only have we retained this baseline but we regularly surpass it. In the most recent series we hit a high of 67,000 viewers and the average of the last ten episodes (at the time of writing - June 20th) is 36,000 viewers. 

Reaching new people: Our exclusive live stream ad break content has been instrumental in reaching a new demographic. One ad break featuring Nigel Farage which was particularly infuriating or inspiring (depending on how you look at it) was retweeted 4,000 times including by James Corden and Dawn French. 

Global audience: Finally, in a sign of ITV’s confidence in the campaign, they recently allowed us to take the live stream global. It’s early days but we’re excited to see that not only has the audience grown (45k last week) but the percentage of people watching from abroad has gone from 4% the first time we did it to 16%.



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